Simulation now available in ImSmart

You have set up your automation. You have lots of variables and triggers, your setup is a bit complex and sometimes you get strange results that you hardly understand. Thankfully ImSmart already provides detailed activity logs helping you see what is happening with your automation. The details on your trigger activity logs show you when the trigger is evaluated, the condition and all related variables values.

ImSmart has now gone a bit further with a new feature: simulation. ImSmart continues to improve and innovate with features you won’t find anywhere else.

It allows you to test your automation setup in ImSmart and supports all ImSmart functionalities. On the left you will see all your variables and your triggers. Put your mouse on a variable value and change its value. As soon as you do you will see, on the right, the simulated activity log, giving you information about which trigger gets evaluated and what calls are done. Don’t worry, all tests you make on the simulation do not update your variables or send requests to IFTTT.

In the middle you can see the clock running. If your triggers include delayed actions you don’t have to wait for them to show in the activity log. You can use the time-warp buttons to go faster. Events will appear in the log at the time they would have appeared had you continue to wait without warping time.

So you play the role of IFTTT and manually set your variables values and immediately see the impact on your triggers on the simulated activity log.

For security reasons your Maker keys appear blurred in the Simulated Activity Log. As soon as you move your mouse over, the key will show in clear.

I hope it helps you build better automation. Let me know how it works for you.